Network Architect

Hi There! I’m Geoffrey. Nice to meet you.

This is the professional web page for Geoffrey Wolf, an enterprise network architect based in Mechanicsburg, PA. I currently work as a Senior Network Engineer for Digitech Computer LLC, a Sarnova company.

I have been a network engineer for just over 7 years, which is just about as long as my career has been thus far. I am a University of Pittsburgh alumnus, class of 2015. There I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Information Science. I also hold an Extra Class Amateur Radio license (since 2010) and I operate on the air with my callsign AB3LS.

In the past few years, I have been focusing on strengthening my WAN engineering skillset. My passion is for designing new private WANs for the companies I’ve worked for. I had the privilege of designing and deploying two network transit hubs in Equinix IBX Internet exchanges.